Camping Mirador al Pedraforca Review

A Camping with a View

If you’re planning a trip to Pedraforca and aren’t sure where to stay, we can highly recommend Camping Mirador al Perdraforca.

Situated just south of the town of Saldes, the Camping is a 15-20 min drive from the main hiking routes up and around the mountain.

You don’t have to go anywhere to enjoy the full splendour of Pedraforca however, as the view of the twin peaks of one of Catalonia’s most iconic peaks from the campsite is second to none.

Wild Meets Civilised

We love this camping as it has the perfect balance between nature and creature comforts.

The area for tents is a large wooded section down a hill from the reception area and bungalows. You could easily forget that you’re actually in a campsite at all!

When you do want a bit of civilisation though, it’s just a short hike up the hill to the main building where you’ll find the bar, small but well stocked shop, and clean and spacious bathrooms.

The other side of the building you’ll find the swimming pool, barbecues and a children’s play area.

Don’t forget the mosquito repellent!

The only thing we didn’t love about this camping was the mosquitos.

Yes, it’s normal to find mosquitos at a campsite in summer in Catalonia, but this place was next level… My friend Cinzia and I are both catnip for mosquitoes, and we’d each been bitten multiple times before we’d even opened the boot of the car!

Fortunately, we’d both come prepared with long trousers and sleeves, and plenty of mosquito repellent so all ended well.

The only other minor issue was the barbecue area. The barbecues themselves are very small and not very well made. There’s no air intake from below, so hard to get good hot coals. There were also no picnic tables nearby on which to prepare or eat food, though the owners (who are a very nice young couple) did very kindly lend us some tables from the bar.

The Details

We recommend booking the camping in advance which you can do by phone on 93 825 80 62 or email at [email protected]

Prices are 5/6€ per tent, per person and per car depending if it’s high/low season, though we recommend checking their website to make sure you have the latest information.

Don’t miss out on…

Pedraforca is of course the main attraction in the area, but if you’ve got the time to stay a bit longer you can summit the 2327m peak of the Gallina Pelada (Plucked chicken!) leaving directly from the camping.

Also, if you visit in Autumn, the area is renowned for its wild mushrooms, though you’d better know what you’re doing or go with someone who does if you’re planning on picking and eating some!

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