Hike from La Garriga to Figarò via the Cingles de Bertí


This is my favourite day hike from Barcelona. Just 30-45 minutes by train from the city centre, this route provides some truly spectacular views!

Els Cingles de Bertí (Berti’s Crags)

This is, without doubt, one of my favourite routes to visitors on, as it is just a short 30-45 minute train journey from the city depending on which station you are coming from.

Don’t let its proximity fool you though, this hike provides some truly spectacular views. The Cingles de Bertí (Berti’s Crags) are a magnificent, multicoloured crag of rock that juts out from the forest on the eastern side of the Congost Valley.

From the top you can see across to Tagamanent and the Montseny Massive, the snow-capped Pyrenees to the North, and back to the Mediterranean, Tibidabo and Montjuic to the South.

Els Cingles de Berti starting from La Garriga finishing in Figarò

This is a moderate route that takes you from the Renfe station of the picturesque “Moderniste” town of La Garriga (245m) up to the top of the Cingles de Berí (869m), then back down to the station of Figarò (369m). The total route is 18km and should take around 5-6 hours.

The halfway point offers the perfect spot for a picnic – a rocky outcrop behind the Tower of Puiggraciós offers panoramic views of the Montseny Massif, the Cingles de Bertí, and in the distance Barcelona to the South and the Pyrenees to the North.

AREA: Montmany, Vallès Oriental, Barcelona
START POINT: La Garriga Renfe Station

Start Point: La Garriga Train Station

Our route starts from the Figarò Renfe Station, which is on the R3 line from Barcelona (Hospitalet to Puigcerdá).

You can catch the train from Sants, Catalunya, Arc de Triomf, Sagrera-Meridiana, Sant Andreu or Torre Barò. The journey is approximately 30-45 mins and tickets cost €5.60 each way at the time of writing. Make sure to check the timetable, and note that there is a different schedule for Weekends and Bank Holidays.

La Garriga is a large town with plenty of cafes, bars and restaurants for refuelling and bathroom breaks after the train journey. Personally, I’d recommend the bar/restaurant La Plaça in the main square.

(I’d note here that La Garriga is worth a full day’s visit itself to see its impressive selection of modernist buildings).

Stage 1: La Garriga to Puiggraciós Tower

We leave La Garriga by crossing over the footbridge and begin following the footpath “Carener del Congost”, or “Ridge of the Gorge”.

The route is signalled by the yellow PR (Petit Regorregut) markers. The last time I did this route they’d just been repainted, and the route was very well marked.

This part of the hike follows wide, easy trails through vineyards, olive groves and oak forests.

Don’t stray too far off the path as this is a very popular spot for wild boar hunting!

I’d recommend the ridge you’ll find behind the tower the perfect spot for a picnic.

Stage 2: Puiggraciós to el Clascar via El Grau de Montmany

From Puiggraciós we’re going to take the high road to Figarò. We’re still following the Yellow PR markers.

The path is still very easy, but sufferers of vertigo may want to go with caution as you’ll suddenly find yourself halfway up a verticle cliff face with a huge precipice below.

The Cingles are both breathtaking and fascinating. You can clearly see the stratification of different millennia. Look out for the various seams full of tiny shells.

El Clascar is an abandoned stately home in the style of a castle. Another great spot for a break or picnic.

Stage 3: El Clascar to La Trona via the Cingles

The good news is that we’ve done the lion’s share of the climbing now.

The next stage has us following the ridge of the Cingles de Bertí which gently undulates up and down, but doesn’t involve any more steep ascents. You can just relax and enjoy the amazing views!

Watch out as we’re changing paths. We’re going to deviate from the Yellow PR markers and start following the Red and White GR markers.

From the ridge you’ll see “La Trona”, a huge rock that juts out from the crag, a popular destination for climbers.

Be sure to keep an eye out for where the path deviates from the GR route to the right down to La Trona.

Stage 4: La Trona to Figarò

We’re now onto the final stage of our walk, but don’t worry, there are still some of the most spectacular views to come!

Theoretically, it’s downhill all the way, but it’s worth a small extra climb to make a side trip up to the top of La Trona.

The trail back to Figarò follows a spectacular gorge that’s like a miniature Congost del Montrebei, filled with huge limestone columns, stalagmites and stalactites, and waterfalls.

Follow the gorge all the way back to the railway line, make sure to look both ways before crossing!

It’s now just a short walk back to Figarò train station. If you arrive early, cross the bridge into the town and turn left to find some bars for some post-hike sustenance.

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